Ceres inside Bude breakwater

Most of these are photographs that were found in a leather suitcase that had been under four feet of water for several days when my parent’s house was flooded in 1993. They were dried out but, needless to say, they are in not in their original state. I have put them together in small galleries for those who are interested in the history of the Westcountry trading ketches and also the history of Bude.

(Click on image to enlarge)

01. Ceres inside the Breakwater, Bude EPSON scanner image 03. Ceres, Bude 04. Ceres, Bude 05. Ceres preparing to lock in Ceres007  06. Ceres, waiting to lock in, Bude  10. Ceres, low tide 11. Ceres 12. Ceres, low tide, Bude Ceres001 Ceres002 Ceres003 Ceres004 Ceres005 02a - offloading 02b 04a - visitors  13. Ceres, half tide, Bude EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image

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