The Centre of Attention

Launch Day 1

The basics (quoted from the survey):

Blue Mistress is a Folksong class of auxiliary sailing yacht.  The Folksong is one of a number of grp derivatives of the original Folkboat design of the 1940’s.  She was apparently launched in 1988 based on grp hull and deck mouldings produced in 1984. Features include grp construction, `Folkboat’ hull form, Bermudan sloop rig with a four berth accommodation.Primary dimensions are approx:

  Imperial (Feet) Metric (Metres)
length OA 25’2” 7.67m
length WL 19’8” 5.99m
beam 7’3” 2.21m
draft 3’9” 1.14m

Those words and numbers do not begin to tell the excitement of the launch and that magic moment when Blue Mistress touched the water. As this blog grows, I hope to do justice to the boat and the pleasure of sharing her with my family and friends.

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  1. The folksong was designed and built by Erik Berquist at Lymn near warrington for home fitting out. He also built the memory a traditionla styled 19ft day boat

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