Reviewing the blog – a rough path to follow

In February I changed the WordPress theme for this site. This started as a cosmetic gesture – I wanted it to be easier to read and easier to search. However, in the process, it has opened up new possibilities. At the moment, these possibilities are inklings at the back of my aging mind. Discovering them means teasing them out, being honest with myself about what I think I am doing . . . and why. Therefore the aim of this post is to review what’s going on beneath the surface and reassemble the contents. I want to do this without losing the ‘Folksong’ and ’Maritime History’ elements that I started back in 2006. The path I am taking roughly follows this route:

  1. Visualising the current content
  2. Reviewing the motives for writing the blog
  3. Deciding the tools for learning ‘on the job’
  4. Considering the content and how it might develop
  5. Putting it all together
  6. The final tweak . . .
  7. . . . and Publish

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