Why this blog? 2

Three weeks on, it’s time to review what I am doing.

Are there any benefits to this blog? I think there are three:

1. For you, someone else’s blog is a stepping stone. Yes, you might be interested in the subject and the writing strikes a particular chord in you – so you make a point of following the feed. (For details of how to do this, see below*).

More usefully, there are a number of links on this page that will take you to new places and new ideas. How you deal with this is up to you – I’ve certainly given you several directions to go in, and, over time, there will be more.

2. For me, I am actively looking for the owners of Folksong 25s, wherever they are. There is work I would like to do on Blue Mistress and it would be helpful and interesting to talk with people who have detailed knowledge.

At the same time, the writing itself is a personal inquiry. As I write, I learn more about what I can and cannot do. For example, mentioning Robin Knox-Johnson yesterday has shown me just how far behind I really am – (rather more challenging than depressing!).

3. For those who think that writing a blog is a waste of space and you can only learn by doing, I would say that you are wrong about the former and right about the latter. Given a choice between sailing and writing, I would opt for doing both! Get a life, guys, there’s more to it than you know.

* If you want to be notified every time a new blog is posted, got to the Blogline website, and follow the instructions to download the simple piece of software. You will then be able to add and organise any number of blogs that interest you. A small pop-up message will appear at the bottom of your screen when a new blog is posted. Clicking on the icon wil take you to your Blogline feeds.

One thought on “Why this blog? 2

  1. Yes, I’ve got a Folksong 25. I have a love hate relationship with this boat. I’ve bought it at Southwold and my daughter and I sailed it down to the river Blackwater. I’ve spent three winters refitting it. Everytime I sort out one thing something else goes wrong. This summer the antenna fell off one day after launching it. It seems to have been metal fatigue, it snapped off just above the fitting. Next the stuffing box was leaking. I readjusted this and while I was testing it I got my mainsheet round the propellor. This broke the Aquadrive constant velocity joint and now the engine has to come out to replace that.
    The other problem is that the cockpit floor is just below sea level so if you open the cockpit drains water goes into the cockpit from the sea. I heard of someone who raised the cock pit floor. I made some duckboards out of plywood to keep my feet dry. The boat is fine for single handing but a squeeze for two to sleep on.
    I really enjoy sailing the boat though, and have now added a spinnaker and lots of other fun upgrades. Hope to hear from you and good luck

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