The spray hood needs repairing

The cold/flu, or whatever it was, is finally leaving me and I am beginning to think clearly again.

Spent a very pleasant few hours on board this morning “messing about”. Bright sunshine and enough wind to dry the boat out with both hatches open.

I removed the spray hood and have taken it to the sailmakers for repairs.

There are two problems with this spray hood. Firstly, I am pretty sure it wasn’t designed for Blue Mistress. Particularly irksome is the fact that the retaining straps are in the wrong place, especially the starboard one – (see below. In the image the forepart is unhooked). Guess where it has ripped.

Spray Hood

Secondly, the main sheet track stretches the full width of the forepart of the cockpit. This means that when the sheet is pulled in tight, it can chafe the after edge of the spray hood. I don’t normally sail with the hood up, but did need it on a couple of memorable occasions. That’s when I discovered the chafing.

Most of the damage was done on the mooring during rough weather. The main sheet came adrift allowing the boom to swing. My fault, I should have double-checked before going ashore.

I have now attached the main sheet on the end boom ring, and am watching the track to be sure that it takes the different angle.

The hood will need to be reinforced, with an extra ‘gusset’ on the starboard side, and we’re considering a pvc strip which will allow the sheet to slide more easily if the same situation arises again.