Where to move the socket

So here’s a problem to solve?

Autohelm socket

This is where the Tiller Pilot plugs in – (Raytheon ST1000 plus)

It’s in the corner – (currently, dirty corner following heavy rain), of the cockpit, out of the way, or, at least whoever placed it there thought so.

It’s not the socket, of course, that’s the problem, it’s the cable that plugs into it.

I knock it far too often – usually during manouvering, sometimes just feeling expansive and leaning back, occasionally I have put something on it without thinking. Mostly I don’t notice myself doing it – too busy concentrating.

The result is a disconnected self-steering which becomes evident sooner rather than later, depending on which direction we are pointing.

So I need to do something apart from scrubbing the deck. The socket either needs to be protected, or moved – but where? especially as there is no nearby vertical surface to attach it to.

I’m sure there’s a good solution out there somewhere.