3/7: Eight fishing boats – no longer fishing

These are beautiful boats. If I  lived in the Mediterranean I would be proud to own one. But, as I mentioned before, there is something missing.

They were surely built for fishing. Where’s all the fishing gear?

(Click image to enlarge)

It isn’t that they don’t give pleasure to their owners – or to those of us looking on. What is missing is the original purpose – the drive that created them in the first place.

Perhaps they have been saved the fate mentioned in my last post, but I can’t help thinking that Captain George would have thought the same thing.

In the For Love of a Boat series.

2 thoughts on “3/7: Eight fishing boats – no longer fishing

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  2. The designs are simple yet so adorable. They are more for cruising than fishing but it doesn’t mean they are not fit for the latter every now and then. It’s just that they look so good the way they are that it would be such a waste to use them for fishing.

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