Just an Observation

Just an observation:

Last Sunday, winds of over 100 mph caused havoc along the stretch of water that was the subject of my previous entry – (posted three hours before it happened).

A row of yachts, theoretically safely stored on shore for the winter, were blown over, breaking masts, deck equipment etc and causing millions of pounds worth of damage.

At least one boat still on the same moorings we had left at the beginning of the month sank, other yachts were torn from their moorings and blown ashore.


The marina where Blue Mistress is berthed is reasonably sheltered but two fingers were broken from the pontoons with yachts still moored to them.

Blue Mistress is ok where she is – stretched lines which needed readjusting.


There have been two further gales during the week.

Many thanks to Mike and David who have kindly had a look since and reworked the springs.


The long term forecast talks of more stormy weather and blizzards during February and March.


I don’t remember ‘blizzards’ occurring in long range forecasts in this country before.