Outside again

What do you think?

I took these pictures yesterday, having spent the past two weeks in Greece (more of that another time).

This was my first chance to see Blue Mistress re-rigged in her new look.

So I walk round the corner and this is what I saw.

Outside the Hangar 1 13/06/07

Imagine how pleased I am – Richard, Andy and Robbie of Dicky B Marine have done a beautiful, professional job on her.

For Folksong owners I will try and fill in the detailed work on the deck later.

In the meantime, just enjoy the lines.

Outside the Hangar 2 13/06/07

Outside the Hangar 3 13/06/07
Perhaps the rudder is a little ‘overworked’, and I wonder whether a protective strip extending from the end of the keel might act to prevent a stray warp getting caught in it. I am assured it hasn’t happened yet, but . . . . . .

Have others had experience of this?