Back online

Finally, I am back online.

A crashed laptop screen and a move to a new laptop – this time installed with Windows Vista rather than Windows XP.Unfortunately not as simple as they would have you believe, as the complexities of both systems do not tie in without, what to me, was considerable frustration. As much as I am interested in computers, it’s what I can do with them rather than what I have to do to them that turns me on. I can’t help feeling that, when it comes to the whole digital thing, more is being promised than can be delivered. Maybe it will be there in the future, but it’s not quite there yet. I wanted to install the RYA/Admiralty chart plotter which worked perfectly on Windows XP. I spent ages trying to get the charts uploaded, and then more time looking for help. In the end, both the Tamsin Vickery at the UKHO help desk and Rob Melotti, the news editor of New gear and Cruising at Practical Boat Owner came up with the answer simultaneously. My thanks to them – if only they could help me one or two other programmes. If you are interested, the answer is on this link to the Practical Boat Owner site – here. It’s fine now.