6 thoughts on “Why go sailing?

  1. Wow! How fast were you going? The good thing about having a low freeboard is that you get a really exciting sense of speed once the wind gets up.

  2. As the previous owner of Blue Mistress I am delighted that Bill has discovered the Soul of this fine vessel. She suddenly lifts her skirts and powers away, joyfully like a young filly on a frisky morning.
    You dont own her, if she accepts you, she owns you and to part is a wrench of the most desperate kind.
    A marvelous Blogg though Bill !

  3. Hi Bill

    Nice one. Takes two to tango though and she is probably respecting that man at the helm. Just like a woman, you learn something about her all the time 🙂
    Dont forget the ready anchor anchor if all turns to custard.
    A boat that you can walk sideways across a stern tide must be beautifully balanced. Guess you will perform the same manoeuvre when you come in again now you have the knowledge?

    Jorum has a lot of stbd prop walk in reverse so we have to take that into account all the time.

  4. When is you blog going to start again? I have followed it with great enjoyment!

  5. Hi Bill,

    Having recently bought my first cruiser, a Folksong called Matilda (Aug ’09) I am in the early stages of a major winter refit. Having come across your website whilst searching for information, I was wondering whether you might be able to give me some advice? I have found your blog to be very inspirational (may even start my own) and hope to hear back from you, Thanks

  6. Hi Bill,
    Great blog site. I have a Folksong, would like to get some ideas from you,please e-mail me or facebook contact.

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