The Cloud Appreciation Society

We were charmed to look up at the mountains across the water from Korcula to see this cloud formation.


I had never seen a cloud like this and wondered if it was a local phenomenon or whether we were just unobservant.

It remained over the peak for a long while and slowly developed.


I don’t think it is related, but that night we had a thunderstorm and a half. The lightning was right overhead and the thunder claps deeply thunderous. At one point, our window blew open.

Anyway, I have looked up the type of cloud (Google) and find it is a Wave cloud. This particular form is called Lenticular:

“Another way that wave clouds can form is where air flows over a mountain or hill. If a cloud forms on this wave, it is called “lenticular” (which means “lens-shaped”) cloud, which has a very smooth, symmetric appearance”

In my search, I came across The Cloud Appreciation Society. Now, I’m ashamed to say I laughed. What! There are people who watch out for clouds and take pictures of them!!

And then I paused – Oh . . . . . . .

Well, here are two more untouched images – (taken two days later on the ferry from Korcula to the mainland) 



– and long live The Cloud Appreciation Society.