For love of a boat – in Roussillon, France

Port Vendres, Roussillon, France 2008

AA suggested that the boat in my last post looked clean and little used.

So I present this one – moored a few kilometers along the coast.

We spent a week or so on the Cote Vermeille and I have a folder of images of local boats (especially les Barques Catalan – of which more later).

This was one of my favourites. It may not have the most elegant lines or the most colourful finish, and might need a refit soon, but here is a boat that’s doing what it was designed to do.

Is it better to work a boat, or leave it on the beach for we tourists to look at?

I think Port Vendres is a wonderful place for the same reason, because it’s still doing what it grew up doing.

For the origin of this series – here

One thought on “For love of a boat – in Roussillon, France

  1. Hello Bill

    It was an exaggeration on the pristine state of that boat of course:-) .

    I have a preference for boats like the one on this post. They look like work-horses, a bit like those old cabs or other means for making a living…Something minor will break and the owner will fix it on his own with bits of duct tape, some wire…It’s this personal feeling which possibly starts from the name of the boat and extends to that “same old wire cutter” or other tool you will find tucked into some little box (also hand made 🙂 ) next to the engine opening, the ropework, the color scheme.

    If some deity was to blow some life into this boat, a fisherman would sprung right out of it.

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