One thought on “For love of a boat – on the Dalmation Coast, Croatia

  1. Hello Bill

    Thanks for correcting my “spring” error there (I should get my rigging sorted out!) 😀

    Beautiful picture, although what i had in mind when i wrote that comment in your last post was the boat disappearing in a puff of smoke leaving a fisherman behind it :-D….But yes, this is also a good rendition of the same concept!

    Although this boat is stationary it reminded me of fishermen in my hometown leaving very early in the morning and sometimes standing up and piloting the boat (in slightly bigger boats than this and when the sea is so unbelievably undisturbed). In the summer, all our windows remain blinded and you can easily hear the engines fading out in the distance sounding a little bit like Singer sewing machines…you can almost count RPM 😀

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