Folksong conversation – “Blue”?

“Blue”? “Blue”? Who’s Blue? My name’s Blue Mistress!

Yea, I know but . . .

Do you know that a person’s name are the most important words to them in the whole world?

Well, yes, I do. But you’re not a person, you’re a boat.

Same difference. It’s unlucky to change a boat’s name. Do you know about the ceremonies to do that?

OK. Let’s be real about this. I want to add another element to this blog – a conversation about boats, built around Folksongs.

I don’t want it to be a rant or a rave or me dictating what should or shouldn’t be – just a dialogue between me and whoever – in this case you, Blue. It gives me a chance to write in a different way and broaden the topics.

Sounds doubtful to me. Talking to a boat? They’ll think you’re nuts.

Maybe. But this blog is four years old. There’s plenty of stuff in it to say I may not be nuts. Anyway, it’s not an ‘official’ blog, it’s my blog.

So why can’t I still be Blue Mistress in this section?

Firstly, ‘Blue’ is short, easy and friendly. Secondly, the women in my family take your name literally – they think the time, energy and money I’ve put into you are similar to having a real mistress. I thought I’d try wild women and whisky for a year or two to show them how that works. I could get used to it – but only if they came sailing.

There was a move to rename you Blue Mist a couple of years ago to take the (st)ress out of you – (get it?).

But you need a positive reason to change a name. After all, once the change has been made, the new one is the important one. To be called Blue Mist “because-a-few-people-were-wary-of-Blue-Mistress” would have been all wrong. And look what it might have involved – here, here or here.

Ok. I’ll hold off – but only for four posts. It better be interesting.

We shall see.

One thought on “Folksong conversation – “Blue”?

  1. Looking forward to more “Dialogs between a man and his boat” 🙂
    Naming things elevates them from simple utility objects…”The flying Scotsman”, “The Queen Mary” they could not just be “That fast train” or “That huge liner”…..A small boat can be “individualised” even if you call it “Noman” (!) 😀

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