Fair winds

I bought a boat in 2006 – a Folksong 25. I knew little about the class and started this blog in search of other owners.
The boats were built for home completion – a different pedigree from modern production boats. After the hulls left the yard, personal preferences and individual skills took over. The preferences were as varied as the skills. It would be rare to find two identical Folksongs.
People found the blog and kindly contacted me. They have been helpful and resourceful, and I have learnt a lot that is now built into Blue Mistress for which I am very grateful.
Five years later,  a younger generation has come into the picture. The Folksong Yacht group exists. The mobile phone has taken over from blogging, instant access being the key. One person can contact the whole group and get an appropriate reply in a minute, an hour, a day.
Now one of those members has begun a voyage – Seb Rogers on Maya, last heard of in Falmouth at the weekend, looking for weather to take him across Biscay and beyond.
The excitement in that phrase!
Seb has taken on a challenge that most of us just think about.
Fair winds to him and a successful voyage. I look forward to his colourful clips and news from wherever, whenever it comes.

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