Living the dream

People talk about  “living the dream”.

But, as good as that might sound, there is another view – for some people, achieving the dream only creates the need for a new dream. For them, the gap between reality and the dream is the key. As the circus artist said, “Living is walking that tightrope. Everything else is waiting.”

The boat, of course, is my dream and every time I go aboard I am living it.

I have never ever had a ‘bad’ sail – plenty of challenges, plenty of problems to solve, exciting times, but never a day when I have haven’t come ashore lifted in spirit.

But I have been fighting to find any time for it lately. The day-job has taken over.

I enjoy the day job too – much more people-oriented, more intense challenges, plenty of problems to solve, and, lately, a lot more of everything.

But, in the background, the boat still holds me – the tension between reality and the dream  becomes stronger than ever.

It carries me when I am at work.

It’s a good tension.