Winter refit 2/4 – rubbing strakes and rudder post

(. . . continued)

Blue Mistress has a grp hull but there is a certain amount of woodwork that needs watching. In retrospect, it has been overlooked more often than not because the amount is small. This is not clever.

Blue Mistress is moored fore and aft on a trot mooring. She is facing west. The sun rises over the stern, travels round the port side and sets over the bow. It means the starboard side of the boat gets less sun and less opportunity to dry out, Water builds-up along the angle where the rubbing strake butts against the hull, the damp persists, algae forms,  water soaks in.

19. Starboard rubbing strake 17. Starboard rubbing strake




It must be dealt with this winter. The rubbing strake has been removed.


A replacement is ready but access is difficult. The boat has to be extracted from the middle of the large fleet of chocked yachts first.

I also removed the tiller to revarnish it, and to check the condition of the rudder post. The image shows the problem.

This ought to be done now too.P1030746

The rudder has been removed and is sitting in the boat-shed with the professionals. We discussed what to do – dry it, clean it, remove, extend and replace the metal straps. I left the tiller there at the same time and noted the looks and comments at my varnishing – (the looks were worse than the comments). I’m old enough to take it on the chin! It gives me another reason to write about the difference between amateurs and professionals and who does what when.

(to be continued . . . )

(Images by Bill Whateley)