Winter refit 4/4 – new hatch fitted – lifelines rethink

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The new hatch (Gebo Houdini replacement hatch) and ventilator (EC Smith Tannoy Ventilite) were fitted yesterday.




The new hatch deals with the poor locking and subsequent leaks around the old hatch. It can be opened from the foredeck instead of my forgetting to unlock it before coming on deck. It hinges aft making it easier to remove anchor and chain. All this is theory – gotta do it to know it!

I have changed my mind about the Dyneema safety lines. If I was starting from scratch I would place them but, on reflection, replacing existing lines is a luxury I don’t need. On the other hand, I do need to make them easier to remove AND give myself some firmer handholds forward. I’m not 26 any more. More on this later.

(Images by Bill Whateley)

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