A short cycle ride

P1030981We cycled along the bank of the Rive Exe in the afternoon – a gentle preliminary for a longer ride planned for next month. The tide was low revealing the wide mud flats and the winding channel.. We stopped at the Turf for a coffee before going on towards Exeter.


Turf Lock is the entrance to the Exeter Ship Canal. The yachts that have over-wintered here are beginning to spruce up for the season. One or two others appear to be permanent fixtures.

Low tide is a very good time to view the birds along the river, egrets, herons, flocks of geese and any number we missed as we pedalled – also a good time to view bird-watchers. Looking ahead, it is also a good time to check out the channel to the lock.



The entrance is narrow but straightforward at high water. There would be a cross-current on a falling tide.

The Topsham ferry uses a small jetty on the river side of the point.

(Images by Bill Whateley)