The Folksong ‘Harrier’

In a recent post, Bill Serjeant has reminded us of his Folksong (Zeta), which he passed on to Julian Mustoe. The latter bought her for a specific voyage, totally rebuilding her coach roof and renaming her Harrier. It’s Bill’s story and I will let him tell it – (link below).

Two points :

Firstly, having just finished Roger Taylor’s MingmIng and the Tonic of Wildness and understanding why he chose the junk rig and how it suited the lighter Mingming, and knowing about the Folkboat  Jester and her very successful junk rig, I wonder how that same rig suited the Folksong.  It seems a worthwhile step and Zeta was certainly not the only junk-rigged Folksong. The mast is stepped further forward than for the fraction rig, but, compared to the Folkboat, the draught of the Folksong is slightly shallower and the beam slightly greater. Julian’s conversion considerably increased her topsides. Bill mentioned that this may have affected her windward performance.

The second is Julian Mustoe’s story which I find absolutely in keeping with the spirit of inquiry and adventure.

He is shortly to publish his book “Julian Mustoe – Voyage of the Harrier”, which he describes as for “The reader who he had in mind is a person who seeks pleasure and enlightenment from a truthful and informative book, and who can respond to the lure of past times, the interest of a modern journey and to the prospect of distant horizons.”

I go along with that and look forward to reading it.

 Bill’s Log

Julian Mustoe’s website

2 thoughts on “The Folksong ‘Harrier’

  1. Hello Bill. Thank you for the mention of ‘Zeta’. I in fact sold her to Richard, who became a great friend. We sailed her together many times. He did a fantastic cruise around around England and Southern Scotland, via the Caledonian Canal, much of it over weekends!! This entailed many long journeys by public transport, and I think it took him about two years to complete. He sold ‘Zeta’ to Julian.

  2. Bill. Thank you for your comment. I am afraid I misinterpreted your post for which I apologise. ‘Zeta’ had an even more exciting history than I realised.
    Those who set out in small yachts are a varied . . . I hesitate to use the word ‘group’ because it binds them closer than they are. However, they all seem to have at least two virtues in common – determination and perseverance. Richard must ave worked extremely hard to navigate round this island mainly at weekends. Julian didn’t let shipwreck stop him. I wish them both well wherever they are now. Fair winds, Bill

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