A short passage to Dartmouth

4 – A mooring in Salcombe

Ever curious, I have been asking myself about single-handed sailing and why I enjoy it so much. The fact that I am reflecting on this at all is a clue in itself. I will enlarge on this later.

What brought this on was the image below of a diminutive Blue Mistress moored among a sociable fleet of smart yachts in Salcombe and the acknowledgement that this is not a suitable haunt for the sailor who seeks solitude.


The yachts are large and beautiful . . .



. . . the overwhelming number of tenders a testament to the number of yachts in the harbour and also the number of second homes in the town . . .




. . . and yet it is a safe and lovely harbour where I was received with cheerfulness, goodwill and professional efficiency. I thoroughly enjoyed my night here. In the evening, it seemed that every building was occupied, every window brightly lit. In the quiet of the morning, I came on deck to find a seal fishing diligently under my bow. What’s not to like?

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(Images by Bill Whateley)