The story so far

Some of the deck fittings on Blue Mistress have been found to leak. Also, there are fittings that are no longer needed, as well as points where fittings have been removed and repair of the grp would be beneficial. The deck also needs stripping and recoating.

Blue Mistress under cover

She is now under cover  – to allow her to dry out completely before applying new materials.

Many of the fittings have been removed, including some damaged woodwork.

Fittings removed 2
Fittings removed 1

Now is the time to decide what fittings should be replaced and also where improvements can be made.

Old windows removed 

We can also see the difference removing the existing windows makes to the appearance. We are going to place alloy-framed windows, with an internal ring that can be removed when the new cabin lining is placed next year.

One point that has nothing to do with the deck-work but a lot to do with appearance is the position of the yellow strip on the waterline.

The growth indicates it is probably too low and it would be better to scrap this line and place a strip higher on the hull, bringing the antifouling up to it.