Inshore Craft 3 – the hobble boat

Bude Pilot 2

Following my post on the Bude Hobble Boat (above, in later years, waiting to guide the Ceres which is entering Bude under her own steam), I thought it would be useful for those who like more detail to see how much work they had to do.

As a demonstration of the numbers of Vessels involved, the following is a list of the Shipping movements for the month of May 1838, taken at random from my Great Grandfather’s notes. This date is before the meetings referred to in the previous post.

May 1          Dasher                        Hatherly         11/-

       ” ”            Kitty                            Pickard             8/9

      ” 3            Rising Sun                 Lewis              10/6

      ” 6            Lord Porchester     Davey            11/9

      ” 7            Dasher                        Hatherly        11/-

      ” ”              Kitty                           Pickard          8/9

     ” 9              Rebecca                    Morton          18/-

      ” ”               Friends                     Whitefield      8/9

      ” ”               Sisters                        Cook               12/9

     ” ”                Ceres                          Greenaway    15/-

    ” 10             Lion                             Kivell              18/-

      ” ”               Sir R.Vivyan             Mill                  11/-

     ” 11             Maria                          Metherall       13/-

      ” 12            Betsy                          Penzance       10/9

       ” ”             Speedwell                 Pengelly         16/6

       ” ”             Sisters                        Cook                12/9

     ” 13           Margaret                    Fish                   6/9

     ” 14            Friends                      Whitefield      8/9

      ” ”               Kitty                            Pickard            8/9

     ” ”                Dasher                        Hatherly         12/6

     ” ”                Sprightly                   Marshall          14/3

     ” 16            Eliza                  from Newquay        14/3

     ” 18             Sir R.Vivyan            Mill                   10/6

       ” ”               Sisters                        Cook                 12/9

     ” 19              Rising Sun               Lewis               11/-

        ” ”              Victoria                     Foun(?)          15/0

      ” 21              Mary              from Plymouth   £1/0/0

      ” 25              Friends                      Whitefield      8/9

        ” ”               Sisters                         Cook               13/-

        ” 26          Sir R.Vivyan              Mill                 11/-

       ” ”               Kitty                             Pickard         8/9

       ” ”               Dasher                        Hatherly       12/6

       ” ”              Lord Porchester      Davey            11/9

       ” ”              Rebecca                      Morton          18/-

       ” 28           Victoria                      Foun(?)          15/-

You can see that the Dasher lived up to her name and entered (and left Bude) twice during the month. It would be interesting know where she went and what she brought back with her.

There were 18 vessels altogether. The Ceres I have talked about elsewhere and I will be posting more about her shortly. The Hobble fees are an indication of the relative sizes of the ships, the Mary from Plymouth being the largest vessel to enter the canal that month.

The Hobble Boat worked all year round. Between 24th December and 29th December 1836, they handled no less than eight vessels.

Bude Canal

And, of course, the coming of the railway brought an end to this means of trading along the coast, and the end to a way of life.

This is one of a number of posts on the Ketch “Ceres” – in this case regarding pilotage. They have been presented in a random order as and when I have found, or been given, new material. They represent steps in a personal quest to find out more about one branch of my family.

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  1. Wonderful site. The “Metherall” of the “Maria” in your great grandfather’s shipping movements notes was James Metherall of Bude, my g-g-g-grandfather. It is amzing to see a reference to him online.

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