For love of a boat – Birling Gap

Birling Gap 2009

Here is a problem most fisherman don’t have to face. Note the tideline.

Not only has the boat to be dragged up the shallow beach out of the tide’s reach, but, having hauled it up the scaffold, there is the further irritation of the gear falling out.

The Birling Gap section of this very beautiful coast is eroding faster than the rest, the buildings at the top of the cliff heading for the sea.

Seven Sisters, East Sussex 2009

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One thought on “For love of a boat – Birling Gap

  1. Hello

    Very nice pictures. Could it be that the boat was once on a kind of trailer atop the hill, next to one of the buildings? Maybe extreme wind or the erosion changed its…attitude 🙂

    Maybe i am wrong but the angle of that scaffolding and the fact that the boat is actually tied on it (when it could simply have been left lying on the pebbles) makes me think that this probably is not its usual storage condition 🙂

    As for the third picture….only one word comes to mind…..Spitfire! 😀

    All the best

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