The ketch ‘Ceres’ entering Bude

Six pictures of Ceres found recently – pressed between the pages of an old volume.

Several years ago years, a sudden flood swamped the old leather suitcase they’d been lying in. They were all damaged – water-marked and curled. The flattening-them-out-in-an-old-book trick seems to have worked.


Here she is rounding Barrel Rock. A hobble boat is waiting just inside Chapel Rock

The crew are working hard, preparing mooring lines; the helmsman barely visible in the stern.

On another occasion, she enters Bude with her mainsail set.

Bude seawater swimming pool is to the right of the picture

By the size of the bow wave, the main seems to be helping the engine, perhaps on a falling tide.

With hobble boat in tow


There were several more old photos of Ceres in those pages.

I will group together and post them as a series.

8 thoughts on “The ketch ‘Ceres’ entering Bude

  1. Dating the pictures:
    The swimming pool was built in 1930, I think – and Ceres went down in 1936 (aged 125).

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  6. Those old images really take you back. Boats have changed over the years but the ocean has not changed. It is still the same adventure it was way back then. Great blog

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