Vanuatu – Cyclone Pam

The New Zealand Herald has a report from one of their reporters in Vanuatu this morning – here. The video clip shows the destruction in Port Vila. Sadly, there has been loss of life. I understand wind speeds were in the 300km/h mark.

Yesterday, Webb Chiles carried a photograph of the damage in the harbour and a first hand description of the harbour itself – here

As I write, WindyTy shows the centre of the cyclone to the north east of New Zealand, as on Webb’s report, with the main force of the winds on the Coromandel Peninsula and down towards Mount Manganui.

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These pictures was taken almost exactly one year ago below the Mount at the entrance to Tauranga harbour the day following a lesser cyclone. The wind was still high but the sea had died down and larger ships were able to enter. I imagine they are going through the same experience right now.

(Images by BW)