Speak up for the horses

You carefully pilot your ship into harbour at the top of the tide. You wait until the tide goes out and there is clear ground around the ship. Then you bring the horse and a cart to offload into. The cargo is heavy – coal, or slag, so you harness two horses in tandem to haul the load across the beach and up to the stores.

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02a - offloading

‘Ceres’ – offloading, low tide, Bude

You can offload earlier, before the tide is fully out, if you can lean against  the quay

Ceres – offloading, Bude

You have a small set of stables, and you are as proud of your horses as you are of your ship.

03. At show, Bude

W W Petherick & Son’s prize carthorse, Bude show

One horse in particular stands out and does most of the work.

01. Shire horse, WWPetherick, Lower Wharf, Bude

WW Petherick & Son’s carthorse, Lower Wharf, Bude

02. Shire horse, WWPetherick, Lower WHarf, Bude

WW Petherick & Son’s carthorse, Lower Wharf, Bude