A day-sail – 6 hours

I foolishly left the camera my smaller Lumix camera in Farnham at the weekend, so yesterday I took the heavier Nikon 3200 SLR instead. The problem is where to put it down in a hurry when I need to attend to the boat. It sits in one of the canvas line bags at a stretch otherwise in a bag hung just inside the companionway.

There were a number of people enjoying the water. It was one of those days when the wind was steady (F3), the sun shone, the sailing, as they say, was easy. I left the mooring about 1100 and was back at 1700. No pressure.

I took a lot of photographs. I wondered if I could use the gallery to give, not the highlights, but a feel for the day, including the change of light. I have added them in the order they were taken. It starts in the morning with a glimpse of the pipework on Bro Distributor as I passed Cattewater Wharves, includes two of the fleet of jellyfish that I sailed through and finishes with late afternoon arrival of Brittany Ferries “Pont-Aven”.

(Click on any image to launch the gallery)

The ferry had arrived from Santander. As I drove home, there were Spanish registered cars and lorries on the A38 heading up-country.

(Images by Bill Whateley)