2 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. I live in Bruges Belgium. I come to Plymouth on the 26th of march. I’ll sail over my newly acquired Contessa 32 to Lymington. If you are in the mood to accompany me on my maidentrip with ‘Heroine’ please feel welcome on board. You can contact me by mail foto@paulwillaert.be
    Think we have pretty much the same ideas.
    In your blog I found a new source of maritime inspiration.

    …. A balance develops between the sea, the wind, the rain, the boat and me – an exhilaration – a feeling that this is what I live for – the full physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual cocktail is distilled into these moments.

    Does it last? It doesn’t need to – to experience it every now and then is enough.

    Kind regards Paul

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