Refit under way – end of blog

Summer mooring

This is the last entry in this blog.

I started it three months ago as a way of finding out more about Folksong 25s.
The idea was to create a contact point – (throw out a line).
Anyone could place a comment on any of the entries and that comment would arrive in my inbox almost instantly.

Three months on, a number of people have kindly contacted me and been extremely helpful and informative.
I would like to thank them.
I have the information I was looking for and I hope to continue these contacts over time.

I am old enough to be totally amazed at the power of this medium.
Imagine, even five years ago, having the ability to search across continents to find out information that is relevant to only a very few?

A letter to Practical Boat Owner might have got a result, but the message would have appeared only once and, even if it had been picked up, would have required much more energy from those wishing to reply.

With the blog, I have a small body of work that will remain on the internet for another nine months or so.
I am keen to see whether others follow it up.
Blogs – and I’ve read a lot of them, seem to me to be mostly more useful to the writer than the reader.
They are an opportunity for the writer to state his/her point of view.
Sometimes they’re informative, sometimes expressive, often plain dull.

For me, it has been a short journal.
To ‘spread the net’, I have done more than concentrate on the boat alone and I hope the writing has been of passing interest.

Snug for the winter

As for Blue Mistress, the first steps of the refit are underway.
Yesterday afternoon, there was a definite sense of direction on board.
Perhaps I shall come back later in the year with an update.

In the meantime, enjoy your sailing


2 thoughts on “Refit under way – end of blog

  1. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the blog, I have just found it now. Let me know if you plan to continue it and I will add it to the blogroll (list of links) at my new blog Slocum’s Locker. I also author and Willbop is a personal life blog and Dickinson Diesel is the corporate blog for Dickinson Marine, my employers and the manufacturers of Boat heaters, stoves and BBQs in Canada.

    Happy New Years.

  2. Have not got a clue about blogging…. but found your site on google. I own a Folksong, have had her for 4 yrs. Have learnt the lesson of ‘standing under a cold shower tearing up five pound notes’ and have enjoyed both peaks and troughs etc. Have spent money, time, sweat and occassional tears but it has been an interesting learning curve. Have managed to get in some miles but no where near a much as I would have liked, however I did manage a cruise from Portsmouth to the Scillies etc this summer, so they will certainly go places.

    I would be interested to hear about any issues you have, have had as regards upgrading, maintenance etc. I love her and at times I hate her. Difficult to say but true.

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