Coming alive

Yesterday I experienced what everyone who has ever owned a boat must feel – that moment when the elaborate and expensive shed you have spent the winter accessing via a wobbly metal ladder reenters the water and comes alive. Battens removes  Need to finish antifoul where the chocks touched Nearly there Wide area under the keel - lucky we remembered! How good is that On the water at last

There is no choice but to watch patiently as precious tons of painstaking work is trusted to a Wiggins Marina Bull LoPro and two men who spend their working day moving large, expensive, cumbersome yachts as if they were babes in arms. To them my little boat was a simple job before lunch. to me it was a spell-binding and occasionally heart-stopping trial. I have watched it before, it doesn’t get any easier.

13. Ceres in dry-dock Ceres leaving Bideford In the past I have wondered how they felt aboard Ceres as she left Bideford having dry-docked at near-by Appledore. Yesterday I lived the answer.